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Boutique gym in Chelsea with rubber gym flooring on top of gym vinyl flooring

Luxury Gym Flooring

Specialised gym flooring.

Tailored to your design and functionality requirements. 

Luxury gym flooring, supplied and installed. A turnkey solution, taking the stress away from deciding on the 'who, where and what's of installation.'

Home gym design, 3d render with black gym flooring


Home gym with black rubber gym flooring with transition edge onto laminate flooring


Luxury home gym in windsor, berkshire with technogym personal line equipment

Equipment Supply

How we can help you

Bespoke home gym design in Northampton. Lighting and flooring gym



A gym flooring consultation encompasses a thorough evaluation of your space. 

Tailored recommendations will be discussed based on your requirements, whilst exploring suitable flooring options.

Key considerations for factors like durability and shock absorption, budget cost estimates will be analysed as well as addressing any concerns related to the installation process.


Design and Costs

After our consultation, we will produce a comprehensive proposal detailing the types of flooring we recommend that would work best for your gym, taking into account your specific requirements and design preferences. This proposal will provide a clear breakdown of the recommended flooring options, their respective benefits, installation details, and associated costs. .



Once the proposed design and costs are agreed upon, we proceed with the implementation and installation of the flooring. Our experienced team will coordinate the entire process efficiently, ensuring that the chosen flooring is installed to the highest standards. We take care of all the necessary arrangements, from procuring the materials to scheduling the installation at a time convenient for you. 

Why work with us


We take everything off your hands from concept creation to project delivery. This is what we do.


A stunning gym far superior to a  DIY approach. We create a high-quality gym that leaves you, your clients and guests inspired every time they walk in.


We adopt a consultancy approach, tailoring your gym to your needs, goals and aspirations.

What flooring will work best for you?

Choosing gym flooring that is tailored and suitable for your specific needs is crucial for several reasons. It directly impacts the safety, performance, and overall experience of your workout environment. Here are some key factors you need to consider:

Key Considerations:

The Space

The location and type of space for a gym play a crucial role in determining the appropriate flooring. Different activities, equipment, and user needs vary across gym spaces, and the flooring must be tailored to accommodate these factors


For example, some key considerations would include factors such as the level of footfall, a commercial or residential facility, climate / humidity considerations, regulatory compliance and multi-functionality.

The gym may also be divided into different zones, each with specific flooring requirements. For example, a stretching or yoga area might have a different flooring material than a heavy lifting area.

The Activity

The activity and exercises conducted in the gym will ultimately influence the choice of flooring.


For example, exercises like weightlifting or powerlifting require a dense and durable flooring material such as rubber. This helps absorb impact and protect the subfloor from heavy weights being dropped.

On the other hand, spaces where cardio exercises are common, shock-absorbent flooring materials vinyl or a sprung floor might be chosen to reduce impact on joints.

The Design Direction

The gym flooring material itself contributes to the overall aesthetics of the gym.


For this reason, it's key to choose a gym flooring that will compliment the overall design scheme.


For example, an industrial design direction could lend itself to a concrete / stone effect vinyl tile.

The Budget

The budget available for gym flooring can also influence the choice of material.


While rubber flooring is popular for its durability and shock absorption, it may be more expensive than other options like vinyl.

Ascot luxury home gym in berkshire with crittall style partition and technogym personal line equipment
We had an excellent experience with Velvaere studios. We recently installed an office with gym and Velvaere studios have ensured that the end result has significantly surpassed our expectations.
Morgan and team were extremely professional and supportive. They undertook a number of site visits and took the time to propose design ideas/concepts with a number of drawings to help bring these to life. Nothing was too much trouble and the team were incredibly patient. The craftmanship and final product are incredibly impressive and has turned the space into a professional-looking contemporary gym.
The team were a pleasure to deal with from the outset and i'd highly recommend Vevaere studios to anyone.

Mark, Henley

Working with the best

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