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We Design and Fit Out Gyms and Wellness Studios with Specialist Finishes and Fitness Equipment

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Our Services



We make it easy and stress free for you.


We completely take it off your hands and create a stunning bespoke gym that is fitted out with everything a gym could need and more.


Design Service


Our design service enables clients to visualise their space, focusing on the details to make it perfect in every respect.

We use the latest design tools to assist our clients from the concept creation to the equipment layout and final design and finishes


Equipment Supply and Installation


We provide a whole range of health and fitness equipment, to meet the needs of all training requirements. We create a solution for every space, ranging from a single set of dumbbells through to a full home gym set up.

We partner with world leading equipment manufacturers and can produce proposals to fit all budgets for our clients.


Home Gym

Design and Fit Out Solution


With a wealth of specialist knowledge in the design, fit out and fitness equipment industry, we create your home gym with the utmost attention to detail, quality and safety


Who We Are

We believe that the right wellness environment can give you just as much energy as you take from your workout.




By being more than just the equipment in them. Your gym and wellness studio should be a truly inspiring space that reflects your own aspirations for self-improvement and greater wellbeing. That’s what we do…


… We design and create gyms and wellness studios that not only make you look good, but feel great. Because wellness isn’t just a hobby. It’s your health. A lifestyle. Culture. Mindset. It’s about how you look and feel. 


At Velvaere Studios, we design and fit out fitness and wellness studios with specialist finishes and fitness equipment.


Our services range from the concept creation, interior design, room layout and detailed design.


We then supply and install high-quality strength and cardio fitness equipment, flooring, wall finishes, audio visual and air conditioning.

We make it easy and stress free for you to have a gym.


We completely take it off your hands and create a stunning gym that is fitted out with everything a home gym could need and more.



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Industrial Style Home Gym - Sonning on Thames, Berkshire
Equipment supply - Industrial style home gym - Sonning on Thames, Berkshire
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