Industrial look 

home gym



sonning on thames


For this home gym, we have created a bold industrial look through the contrast of modern vs vintage. We implemented key modern details through the neon motivational sign and halo illuminated mirrors and coupled this with vintage details such as the concrete look feature wall and metal cable tray in order to create a boutique inspired gym. 


The striking comparison of modern vs vintage, for example with the neon motivational sign on the concrete look feature wall creates that wow factor.


The home gym offers a large range of physical exercises for our client. This was achieved through equipment selection, room layout and space maximisation. We divided the room into three areas; strength training, cardio training and functional training.


The strength training section includes an adjustable bench, rack, Olympic barbell, Olympic plates and a 5 pair, 2 tier dumbbell rack. We also installed heavy-duty rubber flooring. This ensures the floor and equipment are protected as well as sound proofing the space.


The cardio training section consists of a rowing machine and boxing bag with free space available for TRX training and skipping.


The functional training section includes a floor stretch mat, swiss ball, medicine ball and kettlebell.


Through expertise in design, installation and specialist equipment, we were able to provide our client with a gym that inspires them to work out and take their breath away every time they walk in.