The Industrial Look and Why It's So Popular.

From boutique gyms to cafe's and restaurants, the industrial look has proven to be a popular choice of design.

The industrial look is inspired by old factories and industrial spaces, becoming increasingly popular since the late 2000’s where more and more old barns, warehouses, churches and industrial buildings were being converted into living and work spaces.

So why is it popular?

• One reason for its popularity is the flexibility it offers. Industrial design consists mostly of neutral colours and materials that focus on unique textures making it easy to pull off with lighting, decor, and furniture.

• Industrial design boasts simplicity and minimalism, however the style manages to create an incredibly bold statement. This is produced as a result of the juxtaposition of modern v.s vintage. In one of our home gym projects, we have created this juxtaposition through bright neon signage being placed on a concrete look wall finish.

• With the ever-increasing concern for the environment, industrial design is perfect for creating an impressive look that also helps protect the Earth. It’s an environmentally friendly approach to interior design as it encourages the use of recycled or salvaged materials.

• Achieving the Industrial look is straight forward. Mastering industrial interior design is easy as its emphasis is placed on the use of natural, bare finishes and materials.

Key aspects of industrial design:

• Colour

• Decor

• Furnishings

• Textur


Colour is a huge aspect of creating the industrial look and feel. The colour palette used should have warm and neutral colours. To add that wow factor and bring the room to life, spots of bright, neon lighting are hugely effective. To create synergy within the design, the colour palette should also compliment the colours of the raw materials used


When decorating your space with pieces and artwork, a key way to get the industrial look is through making sure they include things like metal, pipes, conduit and beams etc.


Your furniture should have the same kind of appearances and texture or your decor. Furniture made from metal, metal accents, piping and wood is one way to achieve the look. 

Mixing reclaimed wood with metal is a simple but effective technique for an industrial design.


Texture in your design is another fundamental aspect of achieving the industrial look. Surfaces like concrete, brick, hammered metals and other raw materials will be what defines your design as industrial.

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