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The Buzz Behind Biophilic Design

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Today, the relationship between humans and nature, and the understanding of the essential human need to connect to a natural environment has never been more important.

biophillic gym design and corporate wellness yoga studio

Biophillic design is where the interior and architecture are inspired by nature. Although it will make your space aesthetically pleasing, biophillic design also has a significant positive effect on people’s health and well-being. Benefits of Biophilic Design: · Improved health · Increased mood and feeling of well-being · Improved productivity · Reduced stress levels · Mental restoration & reduced fatigue Ways to create a biophilic design and incorporate nature into your home: Choose furniture made out of natural materials. Natural materials such as bamboo and wood bring a sense of warmth to the room. The textures and nuances in these natural materials is what creates the attraction and lure towards them, you can’t help but touch and feel them. Texture and pattern: Textures can be used to replicate those in the outside world. For example, a moss wall panel will bring the room to life, evoke a sense of connection with nature and create segments of interest for the eyes to focus on. Maximise natural daylight: Natural light helps with our circadian rhythm (natural 24-hour cycle that allows us to be energised in the morning and ready to sleep in the evening). Plants need light to be healthy, as do we. Spaces with bright, natural light can help lift our mood whereas dark and dingy rooms have connotations of low and lethargic moods. Consider the brightest spots when arranging furniture and décor in your room. Your yoga or gym session in the morning will feel so much better if your mats and equipment enable you to be bathed in sunlight. Plants: Plants are a fundamental and the most effective aspect to creating a biophilic design in your room. Plants improve air quality but also have been shown to reduce stress levels and improve productivity especially in work spaces. The world is your oyster when adding plants to a room. Experiment and be creative. Try a variety of heights, sizes and positioning. From a small succulent to a large weeping Fig that catapults you into the middle of the amazon during your yoga session. Contact us today to see how our specialists can help you create that wellness studio and home gym you have always wanted.


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