Recovery as an integral part of gym and wellness design.

" By providing gym users with a dedicated recovery zone you are ensuring that they have all the necessary tools to excel in their wellness journey."

One of the most important aspects of ensuring we engage in a wellness lifestyle that's effective is the ability of our bodies to recover after exercise and activated beforehand.

To improve performance, you must expose your body to stress and upon completion of exercise, the body needs to adapt. Failure to adapt can cause injuries, minimise progression and inhibit results. However this key ingredient of recovery is often not prioritised, seen as an after thought and even forgotten about.

We believe a recovery zone should be a key consideration in gym and wellness design.

To us it just makes sense. Recovery zones provides your facility with an opportunity for your community to further maximise the desired results they seek to obtain from the gym / class they just used. In turn, your club provides superior results and your fitness community are more fulfilled.

One piece of equipment that we love because of its performance and aesthetic is the Theragun from Therabody.

The Theragun is a form of percussion therapy in which we use soft tissue manipulation intended to reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion.

It is a deep muscle treatment that delivers rapid and long vertical strokes into the muscle, causing neuromuscular response and allowing muscles to build back stronger after the microscopic tears that exercise creates.

Easy to use and easy on the eye, whilst being an effective tool, the Theragun should be a staple in all recovery zones.

So what should a recovery zone look like? What equipment should it include? How big should it be? In truth there is no right answer, the recovery zone should be a reflection of the gym itself. With a smaller gym perhaps you could carve out a corner for Percussive massagers and foam rollers that enable the essential recovery exercises.

For larger gyms and wellness studios, a whole room dedicated to recovery could be the answer. This way you can add to the whole experience of your club, bringing in more hi-tech recovery equipment such as compression sleeves, cryo-chambers, a CVAC machine or even an in house massage therapist.

Recovery is an essential part of fitness and wellness. By providing gym users with a dedicated recovery zone, you are ensuring that they have all the neccesary tools to excel in their wellness journey.

If you’d like advice or guidance on how to design a recovery zone in your gym and wellness studio, let’s talk.

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