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Home Wellness - Creating harmony between your gym and living areas.

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Within home interior design, we’ve all come across the phrase in recent years of 'bringing the outside in'. The principle being that it creates harmony in our homes between the outdoors and indoors.

Well, we think that the boundaries between the living areas of your home and gym or wellness space should be slightly more blurred. In short, we believe that your home wellness studio should be an extension of you and your home. A space that is prioritised rather than seen as an afterthought that could soon become forgotten about. Really though, it should be a space you are proud of.

With health and wellness so integral to many of our lifestyles, why have a room within your home that doesn’t compliment that need?

Here are a few tips to creating synergy between your gym and living areas within your home;

1) Your equipment could look as good, if not better than your furniture…

Gone are the days of fitness equipment looking like it should belong in a prison or as though it’s been left outside to rust. Fitness and wellness equipment really can not only be functional but also be easy on the eye which adds to the overall experience of your workout. Technogym embodies this perfectly with their exclusive ‘Personal Line’. A range of pieces that are designed by the iconic Italian Designer Antonio Citterio that takes beautiful yet practical equipment to another level.

Technogym personal line bike, cardio range

2) Introduce elements of your home into the gym.

A small but crucial step to create unity between your living areas and gym is by introducing furnishings and fixtures that are used throughout your home. Key ways to implement this in areas of the gym without compromising the functionality could be through the storage features, lighting design, fixtures and feature wall décor. Look to also create symmetry through similar colour palettes and textures with the accessories, flooring and decoration.

garden gym with wood slat wall panelling

3) Open the space up.

Now, it may be a bold move but fortune favours the bold right? Completely transform your gym into a contemporary studio through glass partitioning. A sure fire way that helps the room feel bigger but also creates a stunning feature, urging you to make the gym interior design work harder so that the view isn’t a let down. A worthwhile challenge we think though.

luxury home gym with glazed doors with Technogym personal line equipment range

Photo credit: behance

If you have aspirations to turn a room in your home into a stunning gym or wellness studio, we're more than happy to support.

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